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Option Archery Sight: Round or Oval Aperature? #archery

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I’m considering putting one of these on my bow. I’m thinking the Option-6, with 5 fixed pins and the extra floater, and the 8-pin aperture, is what I’d prefer. But I have some questions for those who’ve used them:

1) Is the 8-pin aperture, which is not round in shape (oblong/oval), difficult to align with a round peep? I understand that the oblong shape provides more room for the floater to travel for longer range shots. I’d prefer to have the extra available travel, but not at the expense of accuracy.
2) Are the .010" pins bright enough for low light situations? I’ve generally used a .019" top pin, with .010" pins for outside of 20 yards. The following pin progression from top to bottom is what I’m leaning toward: Green .019, Green .010, Yellow .010, Green .010, Green .010 with a Green .010 floater.

Any thoughts on aperture shape and pin size/brightness from those who have used the Option Archery sights would be sincerely appreciate. Thanks!

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