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My grouping went from a refrigerator to a dinner plate size in months #archery

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I’m new to archery, been at it for 2 months and shot about 2,000+ arrows. I shoot a samick sage bare bow. My groupings are getting smaller and smaller with each partice. My question is does it get exponentially harder once you achieve a certain grouping size and trying to get smaller from that? I seem to be stuck at dinner plate size grouping no matter how much I practice.

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How to Turn Your Passion For Archery Into a 6-Figure Income in As Little As 6 Months

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How to Turn Your Passion For Archery Into a 6-Figure Income in As Little As 6 Months

Article by Michelle L Green

How to Turn Your Passion For Archery Into a 6-Figure Income in As Little As 6 Months – Hobbies

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It’s true, your passion for archery qualifies you to earn a full-time living with your own website about archery. There are many other archery enthusiast, just like you, who will migrate to your website to hear what you have to say about the subject of archery.

A wise man once said, “the only people who retire are people who never really figured out what they wanted to do with their life.” That is so true; seldom do you meet someone who is passionate about what he or she does for a living.

One of the keys to happiness in this lifetime is to find fulfillment in your work. Even the bible seems to support this in the book of Ecclesiastes. One way to accomplish this is to find a way to get paid for doing something you love to do.

In the past, turning a hobby into a career was next to impossible. For hobbies like sports or singing, your odds of making it big were slim to none. As for other hobbies, there simply was no such career. Back in the “good ole days”, a hobby was just a hobby, and if you wanted to earn a living, you had to go out and get a regular 9 to 5.

But those days are long gone. The Internet makes it possible for you to earn a 6 figure income doing nothing more than sharing your expertise about Archery on the Internet in written, audio, or video format.

And I’m not just talking about blogging or selling your old archery equipment on ebay. I am talking about a full-blown Internet business with a loyal customer base, who practically worships the ground you walk on, and will pump thousands of dollars into your bank account every month without even knowing it half the time.

And for all of you collectors out there, don’t worry, I am not talking about selling off your precious collectors items. Although you can show your collectors items off, which will often lead to offers you can’t refuse, but that that does not have to be your primary income source.

In fact, you don’t even have to sell anything on your website to make money. You see once you start publishing content on your website, you will begin attracting like-minded Archery fanatics to your site. Those visitors will become your #1 asset because they will be the ideal target market for advertisers who will pay you to post their website links and ads on your site.

And you won’t have to sit around, like like a sitting duck, waiting for advertisers to knock on your door because there are directories where you can go sign up for free and search for advertisers who’s products are relevant to the topic of your website. You simply pick and choose who you want to advertise for and post their ready-made marketing materials on your website without having to negotiate or speak to anyone.

You will be paid according to the terms specified on the directory site. There are some programs that pay you every time one of your website visitors clicks on an ad. That’s it…just click…they don’t even have to buy anything. And then there are other programs that pay you a commission when one of your website visitors clicks to their site, from yours, and buys something. The link will have a special tracking code, that let’s them know who to pay if a sale is made…that would be you!

And don’t worry if you don’t know a thing about building a website, it’s much easier than you might think with all the software out there. But there are lot’s of video tutorials out there on the Internet that teach you how to build your own website you just have to be brave enough to tray. You will be surprised how easy it is.

There is a learning curve to learning how to effectively promote your website, but as long as your willing to learn, the only other requirements are that you be passionate about the subject your site will be focused on, and that you take your business as serious as you do your job! Do that, and you’re certain to achieve an executive level income on the Internet in as little as 6-12 months.

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Michelle L Green

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