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Golden Eagle Limb Mishap #archery

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I am a Golden Eagle Archery bow collector and started shooting them back in 1984. A few days ago I was shooting a 1986 Falcon cam bow with recurved limbs. I had not shot this bow but just a few shots prior to this and was getting it ready for deer season. I had fired 23 shots and was getting ready to nock my last arrow when I heard a "snap". I looked at the upper limb and on one side of where the cam is the lamination split down the limb about four inches. Thankfully it was in a relaxed position when it happened.

Anyway, I was pretty sick about it because I was really looking forward to hunting with this bow this year. I have another Falcon cam bow with strait limbs that I’ll probably get ready to use. But, I found someone on ebay that has a pair of limbs that are marked as Falcons! I have two questions though that I need help with. When I took apart my damaged limb there was a red sticker underneath that listed the manufacture date and also another number above the date. One limb had the number 242.5 and the other limb had the number 241.5. I’m just wondering what these numbers mean.

Also, each of my limbs have a pair of holes that a separate plastic piece with knobs that fits in the rise align with. The limbs that are on ebay have 2 pair of those holes per limb. I’ve tried to get the seller to take a couple measurments for me to make sure they will fit but can’t get a good response from them.

So, I’m looking for someone knowledgeable about GE bows who can tell me what the numbers mean, if they have to match the numbers on the limbs on ebay, and why there are two alignment holes on mine and four on the ebay set. I can see on the set on ebay that they are also dated as being made in 1986, the same as mine, so that’s encouraging.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide. I’d love to rebuild this bow and continue to use it if possible.

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