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Bare Shaft tuning results (help)

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Last week I decided to bare shaft tune and at 20 yards this was the result (pic included)

it looked good so I walk back tuned and every thing went well. no image

yesterday i decided to shoot though paper to see what would happen with a bare shaft (pic included)

then a fletched shaft and this is where i tilted my head in confusion. (pic included)
i repeated the process several times over again with the same results

I am not a huge believer in paper tuning and don’t hold it nearly as high as others but the results confused me. Before bare shaft tuning, the fletched arrows where very close to a bullet hole but bare shafts flew way left now the exact opposite is happening. any insite would be helpful.. bow is a Carbon matrix ld, fuel cams, Dl is 32, at 65 pounds.

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Help, Samick Sage 30#, NAP Centerest Flipper fit? Proper Nock Height split finger?

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I Just got my 30# sage, and my friend had a NAP centerest flipper he doesn’t use, so I threw it on, and I am wondering if it sticks out too much. is it suppose to look like this?

I have read that some people file down the part that flexes on the rest. is this necessary?

I’m a beginner in archery and thou I want to do everything myself, including the first time setup, It’s become a bit overwhelming for me on how to setup my bow.

I have a bow square and I know how to set/change brace height. But I am not sure about nock height. Everything that I have read has been "Shoot what works for you, or everything between 1/8 to 1”.
is there a happy beginner starting point? like what does 3rivers or your local archery shop set your nock height too when you buy your first bow?

Also have 58” Fast flight flemish strings on my sage.

I am LH shooter, shooting split finger.
I have 5575 Gold Tip Traditional arrows.
Arrow weight: 269.7 gr
GT nock: 11.5gr
Threaded insert: 11.4gr
Point: 100gr
Gateway 4” parabolic: 2.76gr x3 = 8.28gr
Total: 400.88

I also have some 3555 Gold tip arrows at my disposal. same setup. Think that is all that is needed from my end. If I have missed something lemme know.
Really any help would be greatly appreciated. I have done a lot of reading on these forums, and I have a headache with information overload. Just need someone with experience to kinda start me off.

Sorry for GIANT Images.

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