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Arctic caribou hunt in 22 below zero feirenhight temps (Not with a bow) #archery

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Although this wasnt with a bow. This weekend me and a buddy went out to brave the freezing temperatures to try to get a caribou in the 4 day winter hunt. *After about 40 miles on a snow machine and half. Mile through waste deep snow we found ourselves surrounded by about 5 thousand caribou. *When we had around 400 or 500 within 300 yards we decided to take the 2 that were closes which was a nice bull who already lost his horns and a great eating cow. *The temp was 22 below zero and that was the fastest gut job I have ever done. *Once that was done and stopped trying to dry our hands and thaw them put to prevent frost bite we realized the work really just started as now we had to stay 2 caribou back 600 yards through snow that would go from hard pack and only 6 inches deep to a sudden drop off that was waste deep. *The bull weighed 376 pounds and the cow was 173. *I am turning the bull into a rug as the winter coat is the best time to do it even though the hair is hollow. *The measurements are when I cut just below the head 6ft 3 from neck until tail and 4ft wide. Even though there is no big horns so some wouldn’t consider them a trophy just the hunt was a trophy to both of us plus 200 pounds of meat is great too.

We also may have saved 2 guys log s we were coming out after dark 2 guys came running out of an old gold mining cabin asking for a ride back to their truck as their snow machine broke down. *I couldn’t imagine spending the nig by out there in those temps only to walk 15 miles back the next day.


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