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Hit a deer that i hit earlier in the year!!!!! Assistance needed please!!!

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Heres what happened…… Ive been seeing 5-6 deer walk from one of my treestands to another for athe past 4 days in the afternoon so i decided to use my last tag to harvest one of them. I got out around 4:15 and boy was it CCCCOOOOLLLLDDDD!! There was a WSW wind that was going about 25 mph at least!!! My treestand is at the very corner of a woods that deer like to bed in behind of ahouse near by. About 5:30 i heard some crunching to my left and here comes 7 does trotting along side of the woods past me at about 15 yards out into this Corn Field. I glassd them as they walked by to check for Shed holes. Seeing none i readied my bow as the group single filedly stepped out from behind this bushy tree into the field at about 25 yards. I noticed one doe had a broadhead scar down her shoulder blade and i knew she was the doe that i sliced open the first week of october!!! She was the farthest away, at about 38 yards. I pulled back and shot, the wind definently curved my arrow back into her and i saw it hit her far back about 5 inches past the farthest rib. Her back end dropped down but she held herself up and ran with the rest out into the middle of this big field. Once they started eating, she would just stand there. She would bed down, but when the deer would get 50-75 yards away she would slowly get up and slowly walk to them and bed down again. I could see my arrow sticking out of her up until a point that she bedded down, then when she stood up io could not see it anymore. But im not shure if it was just my eyes. Last time i saw her she had just got up from being bedded down and moved VERY slowly toward the rest of the group that had popped over a small hill out of my sight. I normally would wait till morning but we are supposed to get 2-3 inches tonight starting at 3 A.M.!!! What would you doo???

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