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Sight options for cross dominant shooter

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Greetings Archery Enthusiasts,

Complete noob here. I have lurked this forum for several years as a crossbow hunter but have never posted. This past weekend, in the pursuit a more challenging hunt, I set out to buy my first compound bow. I had no idea what I was getting myself into…

Let me start off by saying that choosing all the components for an archery outfit was almost as difficult as buying a used car. After spending almost four hours with the shop pro/owner (he was beginning to get frustrated), we came to several conclusions:

1. I am right handed, but left eye dominant.
2. All standard methods of measuring draw length mark me at 27 1/2".
3. My draw length is in reality is 29 1/2".
4. I am an archery mutant and all around pain in the ass customer.

After a certain amount of deliberation, I decided to shoot with my dominant eye and ordered a LEFT handed Carbon Icon. The dealer sold me on a very immodest QAD dropaway rest that looks to be of the highest quality. If my fiance finds out how much I actually spent on this bow I will be receiving the proverbial "buisness".

Although my left eye is dominant, I was having some trouble focusing while aiming. I am assuming this is because I am so accustomed to shooting crossbow with my right eye. I settled on a Trophy Ridge V3 vertical pin sight, in hopes that a more open field of view would help me focus. This sight is of course no longer available in lefty apparently.

All these factors taken into consideration, I am wondering if the good people of archery talk could lend me some insight on choosing a different sight. Something lefty, forgiving in the focus department, and within the budget of 50-100 bucks would be preferable.

My thanks in advance,

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Day @ Native Cross Bows,,,,,thought’s

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I spent the better part of the day at the home of Native Crossbow yesterday, Kennedy Machine Tool & Die Inc.. I took a hunting partner and we started the day introducing ourselves in their conference room, where we met the owners and Todd, Todd was our shooting guide after our tour and the one who setup our shooting session and answered most of our questions once we started testing the Rampage as Brian and his dad were getting ready to leave for the Harrisburg show this weekend, I recamend anyone going to attend the show stop and check them out for yourself,,,, I think you will be impressed. Todd a great guy himself, along with the owners and the employees were all a great group we met at Native. Before we entered the assembly facility it was obvious, they were dedicated to not only making one of the finest crossbows on the market today, but wanting to do whatever it takes to make their customers happy and most of all, they wanted any ideas to make the bow even better.

When we entered the assembly area, they gave us a preview of the how and what they started with,,,,and what their crossbow has developed into today in the Renegade 320 fps. and Rapture 350 fps. models. We asked to spend our time after a quick trip thru the shop, with their top model the Rampage. As we shot and inspected the bow there were a couple minor preference that not everyone would want, but they were more than happy to accommodate with. I would not say that they would offer a true custom shop service, but anything within reason they are willing to do to make their customers satisfied with their product. Between Jerry and me both shooting the bow, and comparing it to the many other bows we have shot, we were both quite impressed with it’s performance. I am not talking about how fast can you make it go, but how smooth, quiet, accurate and consistent, it was, how well balanced, how good the trigger felt, etc. and the bow was just an off the line model. The trigger is extremely good, and that was compared to the trigger on the SZ-380 that Jerry owns, and that we both feel is as good as it gets on any bow we have ever shot, this bow will be one of the hottest selling Crossbows this year in my opinion, it just does to so many things to well, it is sure to please the majority of hunters out their, I loved the narrow well balanced and light feel of the bow. I didn’t weigh it but it sure feels like a feather weight when you are shouldering it, and extremely compact and short. It is the quietest crossbow I have shot in this small and light a package, hat’s off to Native!

Once we backed up to 60 yards and shot the Rampage it was obvious it was more than a cool looking light smooth well balanced bow by the way it shot, group shooting was out as you could not aim at the same place twice unless you want to ruin arrows, not once with three of us shooting the 20" B.E.E. with 100 grain field points did the arrows miss their mark by more than 1" @ this distance. This could be improved as these were just standard run Executioners, not indexed or sorted in any way. This bow was as accurate as any bow I have shot with tuned equipment, very impressive. String and cable wear looked to be very good at the end of the shooting session, and we all spent the better part of 4 hours shooting this bow.

At the end of the day, seeing every station involved in creating the bow from building the stock and putting the finish on the bow, to the raw materials and the machining of every part from American Made Supplies, this is a 100% made in America Bow. It was good enough that I have made up my mind, I will have a Native Rampage in my arsenal before next deer season. We did not spend much time looking and checking the different accessories, but were told they have enough options to suite the needs of most.

We had a good day full of information on this new Company, and their entry into the Archery field, and we were both happy to see what this company is doing, how they got started and the dedication and work they are willing to extend to become a major player in the Archery world, and the direction they headed, I believe Native is already a great addition to the Archery industry, and see their best is yet to come. I think they have a bright future in American Archery Product’s, and am glad to see a dealer with the same dedication jump on board with them. Wyvern Creations and Native bows together will be a very hard combination to equal, let alone beat, and I think all consumers can be assure they will be taken care of with the Lifetime Transferable Warranty, how could anyone be better covered!!

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3 Pack – Broadhead Tips for Cross Bow Crossbow Arrows Bolt Bolts

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3- Broadhead Tips for Cross Bow Arrows (#MK150E) Reviews

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