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Damon Howatt vs Martin Bows – Super Diablo’s

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I have read some posts about Damon Howatt vs Martin bows and as some have stated, including myself, they are all made in the same plant by the same bowers. Damon Howatt died way back in 1965 and it was not long after that Martin Archery bought Damon Howatt. So any Damon Howatt/Martin built since somewhere in the late 60′s were made side by side with the Martins by the same folks. Now some of you may recall a recent post I made where I acquired a beautiful Damon Howatt Zebrawood Super Diablo from a Monastery in Colorado and it was a 60# DH. You know how us bow folks are and one just was not enough so when a 50# Zebrawood Super Diablo popped up on ebay I went for it and I won it. The interesting thing about this is the name of the seller on ebay was:

ebuymartin in Walla Walla Washington – - Gee I wonder who that is – - –

Then later that afternoon I get an email from – - –

Terry Martin at – - –

you guessed it – -


The email indicated Terry had shipped my BRAND NEW STILL IN THE BOX NEVER STRUNG MARTIN SUPER DIABLO!!! Apparently Martin had a couple bows from Custom orders that were not claimed so they put them on ebay – - by the way the other bow was 1 of 500 made MARTIN BUFFALO’s – also brand new in the box including that special engraved plaque they made with those bows. I lost out on that bid so if you see someone post something about a BRAND NEW MARTIN BUFFALO you know who that sculduggery feller that stole my bow is!! :sad:

So is there any difference in how an older mid-1990 DAMON HOWATT SUPER DIABLO was made and a brand new MARTIN SUPER DIABLO is made??

You tell me – - –

New Martin Super D on top, older DH Super D on bottom:
Super Diablos 01.jpg

New Martin Super D on top, older DH Super D on bottom:
Super Diablos 02.jpg

New Martin Super D on top, older DH Super D on bottom:
Super Diablos 03.jpg

Pay particular attention to the DH Super D arrow shelf in the back and left side pictures. The previous owner told me the upper part of the grip/rest had been professionally reworked to accommodate the original owner. I even used a magnifying glass and I can not find anywhere that shows this work was performed but you can see that it was. Note the "J" pattern on the back side of the Martin is not there on the DH yet they were both made the same originally at the plant. In any case they are both gorgeous and they both shoot equally fantastic although I personally prefer the grain on the newer Martin. Not sure if I will keep the DH forever though as that 60# draw weight is not so easy to hold very long at my 67YO age!!!

Oh – and by the way I have tried and tried to feel the difference in the grip and I just can’t. The only thing it does is allows your hand to ride higher in the grip and I guess that was preferred by the original owner.


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bows, quivers, arrows, broadheads, new special tax to pay for Obamacare

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An Infowars reader sent along an image of a sales receipt from Cabela’s, a popular sporting goods store. The receipt (pictured at left) spells out what Obama and the feds want to keep secret – the middle class is being heavily taxed despite all the fatuous rhetoric of Democrats who invariably playthe class warfare card to sell their confiscatory taxation policies. “The 2.3% Medical Excise Tax that began on January 1st is supposed to be ‘hidden’ from the consumer, but it’s been brought to the public’s attention by hunting and fishing store Cabela’s who have refused to hide it and are showing it as a separate line item tax on their receipts,” the email states.

I know you are skeptical, please read on.

Now please hold on and bare with me before you say "OH, another Alex Jones article!" because I did some research and found directly from the IRS’s website information that PROVES this to be true and an accurate portrayal of something hidden in Obamacare that I was not aware of! Now being sceptical of this I went to the IRS website and found this!
Q1. What is the medical device excise tax? A1. Section 4191 of the Internal Revenue Code imposes an excise tax on the sale of certain medical devices by the manufacturer or importer of the device. Q2. When does the tax go into effect? A2. The tax applies to sales of taxable medical devices after Dec. 31, 2012. Q3. How much is the tax? A3. The tax is 2.3 percent of the sale price of the taxable medical device. See Chapter 5 of IRS Publication 510, Excise Taxes, and Notice 2012-77 for additional information on the determination of sale price.
IRS.gov So being more curious I clicked on "Chapter 5 of IRS Publication 510" And WALLAH! What do I find under "MEDICAL DEVICES" under "MANUFACTURERS TAXES"?
Manufacturers Taxes
The following discussion of manufacturers taxes applies to the tax on:
Sport fishing equipment;
Fishing rods and fishing poles;
Electric outboard motors;
Fishing tackle boxes;
Bows, quivers, broadheads, and points;
Arrow shafts;

Taxable tires;
Gas guzzler automobiles; and

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