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Setting ILF tiller? New bow!

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So, you guys were great helping with my bare shaft tuning, I thought I’d throw another punch..:wink:

I got my new bow end of last week.. Its a Hoyt Excel 23" with medium Axiom+ limbs.. The search function brought me to pic this pair for a good practice bow.. But, I like it so much I may never touch the Samick Sage again.. It shoots a lot better for me.. I’ve put a few hundred arrows through it so far and is really a step forward in equipment..

Anyhow, I want to be sure I’ve got this tiller thing down.. Of course the riser had no instructions so I set it up the best I could going off what I found in the search function here on the forum.. But I have a specific question or two. First, I carefully set the limb bolts to full in then backed them out 2 full turns and attached the limbs. I marked the limbs 3"s from the riser on each one.. then measured to the string.. The bottom limb is FURTHER from the string by 1/8th inch … Is this considered – tiller or +tiller? And is this the correct way to measure from the string to the limb?

Next, if anybody has the 23" Excel can you confirm for me that about 8 3/4" brace height sounds good. This is about where is quiets the bow. Seems to high to me when comparing to my Samick. Also how many turns out on the limb bolts are safe?

I shoot 3under and I put a NAP Flipper Center Rest on the bow (which is great btw) So where should I set tiller… For now I have it at 0 since I had no Idea how it was actually measured. I had heard 1/8+ is good but didn’t know which direction that was…

Thanks again, Al

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