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SB-1 Derail… #archery

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Hey all, been lurking a long time and it’s finally time to make an account – although I wish my first post wasn’t about this!

So I bought an SB-1 a few weeks back after extensive research and my buddy got one at the same time. His showed up first so we shot his for a while the day he got it and we were both impressed with the bow for the cost. I was very happy with my purchase and couldn’t wait for mine to show up a few days later (he paid for express shipping). I had picked up a Vapor Trail Pro V rest in the meantime after reading the one it came with isn’t so great.

Well mine showed up, I set my draw length to 28" (which is the same as his is set to), got the Vapor Trail dialed in as well as I could using visual estimation, and went out and shot three arrows. On the third arrow the bow derailed. I was stunned and couldn’t figure out what had happened. I didn’t have the draw weight near maxed out, I’m guessing maybe 50 pounds (I’ve shot friends bows multiple times at 70 with no problem but figured no reason to crank it all the way up while I’m just trying to dial it in), I am 100% certain I wasn’t torquing the bow, was using a release, marked my limb bolts and ensured they were equal to one another, was using the proper weight arrows, pretty much all the things I can think of that could cause a derailment.

I backed the limb bolts off until the string was loose, inspected it and the cams and all appeared ok, put the string back on the cams (looked at online photo just to be totally certain I did so correctly), and cranked the limbs down until I’m guessing the draw weight was only about 40 pounds at most just because I didn’t want too much weight for a test shot in case the bow failed. I shot one arrow and it derailed. At this draw weight I can pull back and hold the bow with very little effort and again focused on not torquing the bow as I fired.

I figured there had to be something wrong with the bow because how could I have fired so many shots out of an identical bow, same draw length, and even higher draw weight without issue? I called the company I bought it from and they sent me out a new one.

Fast forward to today, I set it all up again, this time kept the draw weight as it was set out of the box (bought a bow scale and it showed about 40 pounds), and fired three arrows. First two were fine and again the third derailed the bow. Now I’m completely baffled. I figured the only thing that could be effecting the bow is the Vapor Trail because it attaches to the limb, so I pulled that off and put on the Octane rest just to eliminate any potential points of issue. To be clear, I did not have the Vapor Trail guitar string tight and had watched their video first on proper install and cord tightness. I inspected everything and could not locate any damage, so I put it back together and set the weight at 45 pounds. Fired 3 arrows and had no issues. Went and pulled my arrows, bumped the draw weight to 55, and then fired one arrow – bow derailed again.

Definitely feeling very discouraged right now because I really don’t know what’s going on. As I was waiting for my replacement bow I watched some videos on bow derailment and really felt like I hadn’t done anything that would cause it, but with the new bow I concentrated even harder on not gripping the bow and payed attention to the fact that it was rotating forward in my hand after each shot.

Any ideas on what the heck could be going on? After the second derail the serving is a little separated, there are a couple kinks in the string and the cam has a little ding where the string pulled on it after the derail. Absolutely not major damage and no fraying of the string, but I have zero confidence in shooting the bow now because I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Not sure what to do next, I feel like I’m missing something huge here…

Thank you for any help and/or ideas you all may have!


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