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Review: The “Liberty I” Ultra Compact Compound Bow vs. “Razor Edge” and “Slingbow”

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The slingbow is a very popular weapon as it is compact, lightweight, easy to make and can shoot hunting arrows. But it competes with small bows, such as the “Liberty I” by Howard Winthers from www.libertyarchery.com. This video presents the Liberty I bow and compares it to the “Diamond Razor Edge” compound bow and the homemade slingbow (see the How-To on The Slingshot Channel). The results are quite impressive, the small Liberty I shoots a 400 gr arrow at more than 310 km/h. It outperforms the larger Razor Edge and of course also the slingbow (made with materials for under 10 dollars). Slow Motion scenes recorded at 1200 frames per second show the behaviour of the bow when shot, it stays amazingly calm.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to “Review: The “Liberty I” Ultra Compact Compound Bow vs. “Razor Edge” and “Slingbow””

  1. Magicion88 says:

    Whilst the Smaller Liberty bow seems more powerful and more portable, I feel that the normal sized Compound Bow looks way more impressive.
    And it seems more people use the normal sized bow too in competitions and general purposes.

  2. Jiashaw1 says:

    Lol u would.

  3. christian m says:

    do you have a d loop on the razor bow

  4. sixina4 says:

    Quad Limb … Who would have thought of that !!!! Outstanding engineering.

  5. perrysnopeep says:

    A Perrys No Peep sight would work great on that bow!

  6. KickToSurvive says:

    I really want to buy a bow like that little one! :O where did you buy it!? 😀

  7. Brentor14 says:

    That is quite a cool lil bow

  8. Dan Sherbon says:

    just letting you know the razor edge should be lengthened for you, the draw is too short, and that is probably why you were getting “string slap” on your forearm. Also both rests on the liberty and the diamond, should be shot with the odd vane strait up.

  9. Mario Barreto says:

    hey man, send me one of these al aki in Brazil,, ve prices and forms of payment loved your products very good

  10. Romanljc6 says:

    @TheQooper I went to the local pro shop and asked about this Bow they said it was a pain in the ass to work on and that they stopped selling them for that reason. He also sayed. That. The shoot like shit. Or at least the guys have them cant shoot for shit. So he takes me out of buying it

  11. rcoutdoors301 says:

    it shots really hard its pretty nice

  12. Erick Vazquez says:

    Why don’t better buy a crossbow?

  13. christian kielkopf says:

    Do you hunt with your bows

  14. Finq08 says:

    Depends on the style of arrow rest you are using. With drop aways it really doesn’t matter, with prong style arrow rests you need the cock fether down and with the spring type rests you put the cock feather up.

  15. Kingdav9 says:

    Not to be a damper but you need to lengthen you’re draw on those bows. It will help you shoot better 🙂

  16. tactical2bagpipes says:


  17. lameleaf1 says:


    I need one!

  18. kljppppp says:


  19. irmo1978 says:

    Dude you are crazy with your toys… Keep uploading i love your demo’s!!!

  20. OHVImedia says:

    Yeah… I’m a recurve guy 😛 That may be it :D

  21. puffdragon26 says:

    I think that only matter on a recurve bow where you shoot off the shelf

  22. gtaguy235 says:

    not really although it would hurt 🙂


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