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“PINNCH” as Hogman Says #archery

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So it’s always amused me a little to hear Hogman say "Pinnch," "Peench," or however one spells it. All I know is what he says.

I’ve always liked the RCRrchery and Dudley videos. I’ve learned a lot from both of them, and unfortunately still don’t shoot nearly as good as them, but I can live with that.
Nice delivery (both in words and in arrows downrange) with both of them and seem like genuinely nice guys.

Anyway, on one of his videos I watched recently, Robert from RCRchery discusses different techniques one can use to fire a thumb release. It’s the one with a thumbnail photo of he holding up a release with a square-block thumb peg on it.

He mentions at one point that he’s now experimenting with trying to concentrate on "closing a circle" from his middle finger to his thumb to get the release to fire, vs. straight pulling, or curling the outer fingers, or relaxing your grip, and other ways, all of which I’ve tried to varying success so far.

I’d never heard of that technique before, and since I’ve been trying it this week after work, it’s helped my shooting quite a bit.

So if you struggle to fire a thumb release, you might want to give it a try. Just settle your shot, then concentrate on making the tip of your middle finger and your thumb get closer together. And ‘voila as they say in France somewhere.

My shots feel like a slight pinch rearward, going back an inch or so, between my finger tip and my thumb as the arrow releases and my elbow goes back slightly. And that’s it.

It’s like I was holding the nock between my fingers against a force, then letting it slip away towards the target. Kinda weird but cool and they’ve been flying straighter than ever lately just by trying this.

I have a good release set light enough that it doesn’t feel like I’m punching the trigger, but simply releasing an arrow with a slight movement that doesn’t adversely affect my sight picture.

And I hunt, too, so there’s times I need to simply release an arrow quickly – but as accurately as possible above everything else. And this would allow me to do that.

Maybe it’s not as good for 3D or spots, but it sure has helped me so far and I’m going to try it when I shoot them next, too.

And the Hogman reference? "PINNCH" …. ROGer! Maybe that’s why he says that.

If you try (or have already tried this technique, maybe it’s an old video) consider sharing how it worked – or did not – work out for you, and why.

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