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Overbowed beginner – limb recommendations? #archery

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I’m new to archery and also this forum. I did an archery taster session with my daughter in January and then signed up to a six week beginners course at a local club here in the uk – both with my daughter. We were three weeks into the course when (Covid-19) lockdown commenced and the course is on hold.

Having been bitten by the archery bug I recently purchased some used kit from a colleague. I went expecting a basic wooden recurve takedown bow and came back the proud owner of what I’ve since found out is a Hoyt TD4/GM – the wooden takedown turned out to be left handed and therefore no good for me.

I’m loving the Hoyt. The power and performance difference between this and the club bow I used is mind blowing and my first shots bought a massive grin to my face. The limbs are Hoyt CRX short with 38lb draw weight. I would not have picked this high a draw weight given the choice. I was clearly overbowed (and still am, but less so), but have been short of cash to upgrade the limbs that came with the bow. Having trained carefully over the past two weeks to build my strength whilst trying to avoid developing bad habits, I can now shoot 30-60 arrows reasonably comfortably hitting mainly reds with around 1 in 5 golds – 40cm target face at 12 metres.

My current dilemma is, do I continue using the CRX limbs? Or look to replace (with a lower draw weight) when I have enough cash?

I’m struggling to find information about the CRX limbs and would like to explore a comparable alternative. These are ILF limbs. Any suggestions on a currently available alternative with similar performance?

Being budget conscious, SF Axiom + seem to be highly recommended here on this forum, but are no longer commercially available. Any current recommendations for a low cost ILF limb? And if I go for a budget limb, are Dacron strings recommend?


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