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New hunter: which shop’s advice to follow? #archery

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New to bow hunting and looking to get out and shoot this year and maybe go pig hunting before end of year and deer hunting in 2018. My purpose with this post is to get some input on the advice given by two bow shops.

Shop A – less than 10min drive, has Obsession #Hashtag (max 60lb) in stock. I shot this bow at 24.5" and 50lbs and liked it. I found the bow to be smooth, nice let off, a firm back wall, reasonably light, and easy to hold. Shop had no issue with the draw weight being adequate. The suggestion was made that I could go thinner arrows b/c of my short DL and pick up more speed. The sales approach was a bit aggressive.

Shop B – a 45min drive, has significantly more lines and quantity of bows in stock. I communicate a target of $ 500 max for a bare bow. The sales guy pulls out Hoyt Powermax, and PSE Drive R SD. Obsession #Hashtag bow is also in stock. I got set up to shoot the PSE which required 25"DL. The sales guy strongly suggested a 70lbs in a SD specific bow b/c of my short DL and that I target 375grains at 280-290fps. He was adamant that I target 70lbs and SD specific bow/cams. There was no sales pressure at all. The shop would order a 70lb bow with a deposit. There didn’t seem to be wiggle room in pricing, but pricing on sights and rests seemed to be generally better. While also slow, this is clearly a high volume shop. Also suggested I go with a lighter spine narrow arrow b/c of my short DL in the quest for speed.

So which shop is giving me more sound guidance? Shop A with no concern about speed or Shop B with a firm push for 70lbs. I’ve never drawn 70lbs. Shooting 60lbs seemed reasonable, but I’m sure I’d need conditioning to get to either draw weight. Given my draw length, the KE of a modern SD bow is significantly greater than my 2007 Diamond Cutter at 24.5" DL and 50lbs. I think it maxed at 275fps at 28" and 50lbs. I get the accuracy vs speed debate, but speed sure is addictive.

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