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Neighbor lady confrontation #archery

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Had a confrontation with a neighbor this evening…

Quickish back story, my father has owned our property for 30+ years, and it’s being handed down to me and my sister. We own all woods and a fenceline comes into our woods in the back that makes a T with 2 fields north and south, we do not own them, but have permission on the S field.

The north field property owners own about 4 ft of trees into our woods and they have 3 or 4 stands and blinds along our woods. A couple years ago I put up a stand about 40 yards from their stand, mind you, our property, hunting over the field we DO have permission to hunt (I had grown tired of feeling like we were being pinched off our own property by the neighbors hunting the fence line of our property and I needed another easy access stand for the evenings where I didn’t have to go into the woods) they got mad about it.

Now for today…

I’ve been really busy with work this week, home at dark each night. And I’ve been wanting to move that stand I just mentioned further into the woods so my wife can hunt it this weekend. So today, I got done with enough time to run out and move that stand… well, sure enough neighbor lady was in a box blind with her crossbow along the edge of our woods. I start to take the stand down and she gets out and starts to cuss me up and down. The only words I said were "I work, this is the only time I have to do this" and then asking her who’s property I was on… she kept up, I turned my back and continued doing what I was doing, and she walked off swearing me up and down.

They own a few trees to hang stands in along our woods, and she acts as if I can’t be in our woods while she’s hunting her field… they own a woods on the other side of the field too.

In a bout a year, I will be the one people call with questions about our property and who people contact when they want permission to get deer and what not.

How would you deal with this?

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