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My goal of becoming an Olympian. From depression to determination #archery

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I had it all, money, women, travelling.

I was 18 yrs old when I decided I wanted to be rich, and that I did, I did not become a billionaire/millionaire, but for my age and in my country (Philippines), I can say that I am richer than most people my age. Money was everything to me, I wanted to become a billionaire. After that, I focused on getting women, that was a wild ride, I learned alot from it. Then I traveled, not around the world, just to a few countries.

I was at Korea that time. I was inside my hotel, I was crying, suicide was not a hard thing to do at that time. I felt that, I had it all, money, women, travelling, but why am I still unhappy? I was inside my room and I felt that there is nothing out there that would make things better.

I spent some weeks going through depression, staying in my room, playing video games, being unproductive. I felt that I needed to learn in life, so I decided I will travel again, I was booking my flight to vietnam, but fortunately, the bank was doing a maintenance, so I said "Okay I guess I will book next week".

So I planned to go out and experience things. I planned that tomorrow I will go to this archery range, the next day I will go to this shooting range, the other day I will go to this ocean park.

To make things short. I went to the range, and I loved it. I felt like, when I am aiming at the target, nothing else matters. So I decided to take beginner classes.

I was about 2-3 sessions in when I decided to take this seriously, I have wealthy parents, so I asked them if they can support me financially in this journey. They said no. At that time I was really scared, I am 20 years old and I dont know what to do in life, other than archery, my only other choice was joining the military. After crying that night, I decided that I will choose this journey, to be successful at this sport, to be an Olympian, and I will do whatever it takes to get there.

Today I am about to finish my beginner course, I will buy a bow tomorrow. Yesterday I joined my first competition, I have been training for less than 2 weeks and I was competing with people with ALOT of experience, they had their own bows, I competed with rented equipment.

I am continuing to work hard, focusing on work ethic, I aim to out work everyone, everyday , and that I will do until I reach my goal or until I die.

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