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My EZV Sight Experience… So Far #archery

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I rarely post things here, guess I’m more of a watch and listen kind of guy. But I wanted to share my experience with this sight.

First, I’ve been enjoying archery since 1989, I’ll be 51 this July. In the 90’s I competed in 3D shoots in Nevada & Utah. So, I have a fairly good grip on what works for me. For the past 20 plus years, I have been shooting an HHA slider, even raised a son to shoot one. Sights with multiple pins never worked for me, just a bunch of colored blur. Using the HHA sight forced me to stop, range the animal, dial the sight, pick a spot and take aim. Like most of us here, I’ve had my success, and I’ve had my misses. That’s hunting. Frustrating how long it takes to do all that, and I’ve many deer just bolt as I did this routine.

A few months ago, I saw a thread on the EZV sight. I was surprised at how many of you instantly called it a gimmick, can’t work, things like that, which honestly perked my curiosity. I also saw a few guys mention how it helped clear the clutter. My eyes aren’t what they were in my 20’s. So I bought one from someone here on AT. When I got it, I realized the inserts were for a much faster arrow speed than I had. So I called the number on the package, and the owner, Aaron, picked up. I was a little shocked. Said he’d swap the ones I had for the correct ones. Remember I didn’t buy my sight from him, it’s used. Now that’s service.

Yesterday I mounted it to my PSE Decree HD, and followed the sight in instructions in my shooting room. This morning was the first time I’ve been able to shoot out side with it. The blue tape is at 15" apart, just like the sight in target provided in the packaging. I added a piece of tape just to identify dead center. I saw Aaron do this on one of his sight in videos.
The first picture is my first 2 arrows at 20 yards. I made an adjustment, and I was on target. The second pic, was my first 3 arrows at 30 yards, I took my glasses off, not real comfortable shooting with them. Damn progressive lenses. The third pic is my first 3 arrows at 40 yards. After the first arrow, I put my glasses back on.

I’m not ready to swap all my sights yet, but this was a good start. Just wanted to share, and say thanks to Aaron for working with me.

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