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More Fun Broadhead, Arrow, Bow Testing

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More Fun Broadhead, Arrow, Bow Testing

Just what the title says

Discount Prices on Archery Supplies on Amazon.com


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21 Responses to “More Fun Broadhead, Arrow, Bow Testing”

  1. Predatorbybow says:

    Thank you steve! 

  2. Steve42098 says:

    I like the top comment. There will never be a gang related murder using a bow. I live in LA and these guys are too stupid to learn how to shoot a pistol or rifle properly. How could anybody watch this video and come to the conclusion that “officials” will just start passing laws based on a crime they think could happen. Bows are for people with respect, discipline and a brain in their head. Gang members don’t have these quality’s. GREAT VIDEO THANKS!

  3. TheQooper says:


    I think what Killemquietly is trying to say is that showing the anti’s that an arrow can go through a car door will ban bow hunting near the road for fear of the arrow going through the car door and injuring someone.

  4. Killemquietly says:

    Sorry logged in under wrong handle to reply to you.

  5. Predatorbybow says:

    Are you Killemquietly ? Either way, I didnt minsunderstand your point at all in the least. The MAIN problem is hunter apathy and doing nothing to fight them, I do my parts to fight them! Good job planting the seed tho!

  6. LordBwithU says:

    You missed my point completely- I wasn’t saying YOU were doing anything wrong. What I was saying or implying is that bowhunting kinda flies under the radar and is allowed or tolerated in many places firearms hunting is not, i.e the woods behind a subdivision. Most anti’s have no idea an arrow will go clean through a car door. I don’t see any reason to educate them. This video would go over great in a city council meeting.

  7. Predatorbybow says:

    Are you serious? I am within LEGAL distance of the highway and on private property that I have permission to be on.

  8. Killemquietly says:

    Just what the anti’s need to try to ban hunting within a half mile of any road, remove this for the good of the sport! Damn good experiment though!

  9. blorchdude4 says:

    @chubbyshuntingvideos its only a waste to someone like you who is poor im rich so i can do this shit and not care unlike you RETARD

  10. arctic2912 says:

    click on the vid box thing, hold ur right arrow key for 3 secs, press the left arrow and up arrow rapidly, enjoy a game of Snake 😛

  11. TheRiggenbach says:

    great for those armour plated deer in my area lol. nice vid

  12. opiated-nl HUo-oUH says:

    is that youre wifes car???? dam dam…..

  13. TheKirky12 says:

    nice video dude

  14. avelloch says:

    @chubbyshuntingvideos certainly it is a test. just not the way you would do it. i found it informative. think outside the box. not everybody needs a laboratory test to see the effectiveness of an item

  15. firebug0001 says:

    also, shoot three arrows in each door and drive down the street ith them in the doors XP

  16. firebug0001 says:

    shit!!! that would go straight though someone!!!

  17. firebug0001 says:

    wow i just had back surguery last december and i can pull my 60 pound bow easily. only thing that hurts is my elbow from holding the bow stiff.

  18. Christian Jackowski says:

    Shoot the windows =]

  19. FearSilentdeath666 says:

    its not wasting its a damn toyota 😀

  20. Jesse Riddell says:

    now we know what to use if we are taking out driving deer! thanks man!

  21. mitercut says:

    Interesting vid…wonder how it would have handled the glass?


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