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Maybe I’m just stupid but…. #archery

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We have a local outdoor trap and archery club that has been undergoing a major upgrade. I convinced the board that we should purchase some Pacific Bow Butts 48"x 31" targets and the stands. We only had the funds for 4 targets and last night the club got them set up. Due to the fact that we want to get a league started with only 4 targets, I suggested that we set them out at yardages of 20, 30, 40, 50. One of the board members who is barely an archer thought we should start at 10 and go to 40. I pushed for starting at 20 yards because I felt that with only 4 targets, 10 yards would be a waste for most guys and a 50 yard target would provide a challenge that would encourage everyone to stretch their ability and improve their skills. I could only be there long enough to help get flags set up for positioning each butt, but we set them out starting at 20 yards. The next morning I went to check on their placement and found that they were set at 10 to 40. I am not crying that I didn’t get my way, but the whole league thing is in my lap and I want to make a good range from what limited resources we have.

Give me your honest opinions. If you were looking for a new club and league to shoot with, would you rather go with 10-40 or 20-50? If I am thinking incorrectly, I want to hear from others. If I am correct, I would like the opinions of others so I may be able to convince the board to make a slight change. Don’t hold off if I am wrong in my thinking; it’s all about making the best use of what we have for now. Maybe later we can get another target, but for now we need to make the best use of what we have.


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