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Make An Ultra Compact Compound Bow Very POWERFULL

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The Tutorial on how to make my ultra compact compound bow. a very powerfull and accurate bow wich is very cheep to make. have alot of fun with this utra comp…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Make An Ultra Compact Compound Bow Very POWERFULL”

  1. alteredchild says:

    Can you spell “you” correctly? You’re 33.3’% of the way there, you just forgot two letters. Also, do you even know what please means?

  2. sudhira69 says:

    what diamiter do the pipes have.
    thangs great vid

  3. sudhira69 says:

    how long does the cable have to be

  4. sudhira69 says:

    can you also use plastic pullys

  5. avengedsevenfoldnick says:

    THe bow is Fugly

  6. Micah Powers says:

    Steel cable coated in plastic is apparently “pretty much the same thing as compound bow sting”… really, have you ever seen one?

  7. Daniel Sakamoto says:

    how do you string the bow?

  8. Jovanni Carrillo says:

    Can’t the handle be different

  9. EpicMoose12345 says:


  10. Dupa Krowa says:

    it dose not seem too powerful, only about 35 pounds. Also what are you arrows and what is there length?

  11. Dupa Krowa says:

    did you change your you tube name?

  12. Saúl Flores says:

    Looks so ghetto

  13. EarlyMist says:

    Cont….the ‘survival/outdoors’ market would eat a properly presented and refined compact designed version of this right up I would think.

  14. EarlyMist says:

    Very nice. I really like the practicality of all your units while not being too fussed about appearances and details. I’m not sure if you have thought of this or are doing it already but some of the designs if refined would easily be sellable/marketable. I realise they aren’t all entirely original but an effective pvc bow is an effective pvc bow. As far as I know there arent copyrights or patents on most designs. Cont….

  15. ryder bearnson says:

    And please make a full sized compound PVC bow

  16. ryder bearnson says:

    This is awesome, but if you could show how to string the bow in more detail that would be great

  17. demonprince108 says:

    what type of pvc is it ?

  18. Mackenzie Scott says:

    Can u make a full size compound bow

  19. Dylan Johnson says:


  20. HmOnGbOi202 says:


  21. rotem kaplan says:

    awesome bow!!

  22. capmarvelous says:

    How many pounds do you think the draw force is on it?

  23. Devin McGill says:

    Do your parents know you do this kind of things like make pull pin grenades

  24. EPIC-MAN 3290's says:

    Really nice bow, :-). Cant wait for your next vid!!!

  25. EPIC-MAN 3290's says:

    Really nice bow, :-). Cant wait for your next vid!!!


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