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Ken Branham shooting new Bear Archery Kodiak Recurve Bow 2013

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Ken Branham shooting new Bear Archery Kodiak Recurve Bow 2013

Ken Branham testing Bear Archery’s 2013 Kodiak Recurve Bow shooting flying targets at Cloverdale Indiana.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Traditional archery Shooting the Recurve Bow

Shooting the Pilgrim 58 recurve, at some milk jugs. Go to www.elkridgearchery.com to get more info on these bows.

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28 Responses to “Ken Branham shooting new Bear Archery Kodiak Recurve Bow 2013”

  1. Combat Archery says:

    I have 4 bear bows….nice shooting by the way….

  2. Combat Archery says:

    he is good ..:)

  3. Phanna Rattanak says:

    holy moly i want to be this good

  4. jacob high says:

    you pull the string back so easily when i do it it shakes a little

  5. Alex Ridriguez says:

    If you make less contact with the arrow you don’t have to tilt your bow

  6. marita karten says:

    it was awesome with target practice but I had to glue it to some Styrofoam
    first but either way it was a good archery target!!! here is the link to it
    in case anyone is interested: amzn.to1e9shLz

  7. Vencarter says:

    Nice shootin’!

  8. FrozenEagle21 says:

    Terrible bow

  9. Thor Strolia-Davis says:

    looks just like a recurve to me. doesnt look like a D bow.

  10. aj lamotte says:

    Where did u get those arrows?????

  11. vegapower454 says:

    The dark color ones I got at the PA Bow hunters Festival, the other ones I

  12. aj lamotte says:

    Where did u get those arrows???

  13. Hayden Chiasson says:

    Shooting at milk jugs is a little hard on the fleching

  14. Hayden Chiasson says:

    Go here

  15. dakota gutzke says:

    look at dakota gutzke videos

  16. Albert Head says:

    By the way, I have only been shooting a recurve for about a month (never
    used a bow before), but have gone from frustrating inconsistency to being
    able to hit a pop can fairly consistently at 15 yds, then 20 yds, then 25
    yds. I practice about three times a week right now, but will up that to
    every day prior to hunting season. My aim is to get real consistent
    shooting from a variety of positions, distances and angles so I can be as
    ethical as possible during the hunt. It’s a lot of fun!

  17. Albert Head says:

    Some traditional bows are or can be fitted with sights. Personally, I don’t
    see the point if it’s traditional archery you’re interested in. I prefer
    instinctive shooting. It’s all about hand-eye co-ordination just like
    catching a ball. You don’t think about it too much, just practice focussing
    on the target, getting a good anchor and a good release. Works VERY well
    and is THE traditional way.

  18. heathovc says:

    idk how people can shoot well with the bow moving around so much. Nice
    looking bow though.

  19. vegapower454 says:

    I would go somewhere that you can try one out before you buy it. Cabelas
    usally has a few that you can pull to see what weight would work for you. I
    like to go to the PA Bowhunters festival , thats where I bought the recurve
    I used in the video. I will give you the info to the site so you can give
    them a call. Go to elkridgearchery, these are my favorite bows.

  20. xraybeam2 says:

    Nice shootin’ vega. Those milk jugs get awful small at 30 yds for me!

  21. vegapower454 says:

    Exactly, the plastic veins wont work well when shooting on a traditional
    recurve or longbow. When you use these they will hit the rest and make the
    arrow wobble bad. Make sure you are using feathers, and have them fletched

  22. nate linville says:

    The glove is just to stop finger pinch

  23. Marciliano Ribeiro says:

    Compound bows are for lazy archers, I think…

  24. vegapower454 says:

    I cut them to 29 inches

  25. Casey Cornelius says:

    Classy Casey, wood critic here. Ha, ha, ha. Hey everyone, doesn’t his
    target layout look like your local park after Cinco de Mayo? Ha, ha, ha.

  26. vegapower454 says:

    When you install them, you split the string in half and put the silencer
    in between, so it holds if strung and unstrung.

  27. vegapower454 says:

    Thanks, yeah they are a small targets, but when you hit them they make a
    nice loud noise

  28. TheCDNTanker says:

    Do you know anything about Bear Grizzly bows? I’m not sure what arrows they
    use, and what type of fletch I should use.


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