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Indoor Archery World Championships 2012 – Las Vegas – Match #1

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Indoor Archery World Championships 2012 - Las Vegas - Match #1

Uncut Match from the 2012 Indoor Archery World Championships in Las Vegas (USA) Women Individual Compound Bronze Match – OCHOA Linda (MEX) vs COLIN Christie (USA) All Ind. matches from this event : www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to “Indoor Archery World Championships 2012 – Las Vegas – Match #1”

  1. archerytv says:

    In Indoor World Cup, compound archers are shooting from 18m. You can find all info on the World Archery official website.
    Stay Tuned For More Archery.

  2. arkraven says:

    what distance are they shooting?
    coulnd understand the guys speaking : /

  3. Daniel Stoner says:

    Why in the hell is the 9 ring so huge? Why not separate the wheat from the chaff in less-than perfect shots by subdividing it into 2 rings – makes no sense the way it is.

  4. pitbullshark1 says:


  5. Naithon Rodriguez says:

    timlee is correct

  6. coiner10 says:

    I don’t know anyone who puts “wings and a pogo stick” on their bow. All forms of archery require a lot of focus and dedication. And just because you think your style of shooting is better than someone else’s doesn’t mean you should go around saying everyone else’s bow is cheating or stupid.

  7. coiner10 says:

    Their form isn’t bad because of the lack of technology, It’s because the draw weight is too much for them.

  8. Zadok12321 says:

    11:57 I think it’s a 9 and Mexico wins. I’m glad she won though, in the long run.

  9. manga12 says:

    um kyudo, would be a type of zen meditation the hardest of all of the ways to master, its not always about how you hit the target but how you execute the shot, with shear calm instinct, just acting and executing not thinking about how to do it.

    Same with Chado or Sado, the way of tea ceremony.

  10. Conner Kenway says:


  11. manga12 says:

    No, but if you use a bow that dont have wings and a pogo stick balancer on the front makes it more challenging, commands more respect when you can make the shot, takes more practice, and speaks more highly if you can actualy get that close to an animal to kill it with a traditional bow. not to mention a wood bow is prettier, lighter, and has a life of its own it conformes to your shooting style, an attachment and extention of your own self, and that is how old legends did it.

  12. ericjohnny says:

    soo by winning what place did the Mexican get?

  13. blackfeatherarchery says:

    Great shooting lady’s.


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