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Hoyt Powermax is a BEAST, may be buying another bow also very soon please read. #archery

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I’ve loved archery since I was a kid. Sadly, since 2001 or so, I haven’t had time or money to get back in. My last bow was a wooden Darton compound and I loved it. Earlier this summer around July, I gave in to the urge to get back into it and wanted to try out a Hoyt. Not a fan boy but it was something I always wanted because of what I had seen and heard. I went in checked out some bows and decided on the Powermax. For one, I didn’t want to spend over $ 1000 on a bow when I have no experience with the new ones, I knew there would be mistakes along the way. Took the bow home, made alot of mistakes and had the regular newbie incidents. Derailed the bow while letting it down in early August, took it in, they checked it out and put it back together shot just fine. The other day I derailed it again, completely my fault. I figure the arrow came off when I put my release on, I probably pushed the nock off the string then tried to fire it. I thought for sure it would be destroyed. Took it in again this morning, they checked it out it looked fine, put the string back on and waiting for my custom strings that I ordered last week. If all goes well I think I’ll keep this bow for my hunting bow. If anyone has any carbon defiant with #2 cams, 70 or 80# max, I will be looking for another bow soon. Also considering one of the ones with quad cams made by G5 for a target bow. Hit me up if you plan on selling something like that in the near future. I want my next bow to be in blackout colors tho.

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