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How to Shoot a Compound Bow

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How to Shoot a Compound Bow

Shoot a compound bow safely and accurately. Get some great tips for shooting a compound bow in this archery video.

This is what NOT to do with your compound bow. String derailments account for many of the incidents where bow owner’s mistakenly claim their bows “blew up.” Novice archers are often unable to differentiate between a string derailment (user error) and a bow which has actually failed (broken limb, broken cam, etc.). Many new archers are simply unaware that poor shooting form and improper handling of a compound bow can lead to dangerous string derailments. It’s also worth noting that user-induced string derailments often generate collateral damage to other bow components, specifically the string, cable rods & slides, and roller guards in particular. Unfortunately, this all happens in the blink of an eye. So many enthusiasts try to do their own home-analysis, and get it exactly backwards by assuming the broken roller guard, for example, caused the derailment … when the opposite is actually true. As you might imagine, this causes trouble when it comes time to decide what is warranty and what is user error. So we say … JUST SAY NO! NO drawing ANY bow without an arrow. NO drawing short-axle high-performance bows with your fingers. And NO torquing of the string or grip at any point in the draw cycle! If you’re going to drop a grand on a great new bow, spend 5 minutes with this video and learn to grip and handle your compond bow properly … so you can spend more time enjoying your bow and less time at the repair shop. Good Shooting! Thanks for watching! String derailments
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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30 Responses to “How to Shoot a Compound Bow”

  1. McLane Lail says:

    I could hear him just fine.. I don’t know what y’all are talkin about..

  2. ninjaassassin9897 says:

    Your awesome

  3. ericharrigan14 says:

    Thanks buddy ot helped alot

  4. stsalisco says:

    damn TALK LOUDER!!!

  5. Wassup1697 says:

    it means how hard it is to pull it back, which makes it shoot harder

  6. IVIods4u says:

    does the poundage mean how far and head the arrow will shoot?

  7. griffin krieg says:

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! I was so frustrated but I get it now

  8. buckslayer4423 says:

    Moonboone just take on down to a archery shop you bought it at or just one and they will set you right up

  9. MoonBoone says:

    got a compound bow for christmas and im having trouble adjusting the draw length, it has a tri-draw wheel. Ive looked everywhere for tutorials but cant find them. some help would be cool

  10. John Doe says:

    Can’t hear you

  11. DrChuck45 says:

    that would be a recurve bow right?

  12. soul7859 says:

    i just want a bow without the sight i want to shoot with feel not ads

  13. oblongjr says:

    it’s wise to keep in mind that bows are weapons and weapons are meant to hurt. I have a friend who shot a wooden arrow with a compound bow and ended up in the hospital’s emergency unit. if you choose to disobey the safety precautions, you are doomed to get hurt

  14. oblongjr says:

    well, some people just like it simple. as for me, I prefer the compound. it’s easier to pull and the arrow files a greater distance with a greater power. when I say it’s easier to pull, you don’t feel the burden that you usually feel from recurves or long bows. it allows for better aiming and better accuracy

  15. Patrick Boland says:

    @videoflesh no offence but LOL @ your sense of humor and ability to take a joke. 🙂 I love and appreciate all types of archery .

  16. Xpert Gamer says:

    wtf you using 3 fingers to pull it back pussy??? 1-2 fingers >:(

  17. videoflesh says:

    No offense Patty but LOL @ Bow elitism in 2013.

  18. Outdooorsmann says:

    that makes no sense to what he said. hes talking about recurves not rifles?

  19. Victor Chaidez says:

    and while your at it, take the sights off your hunting rifle. lol

  20. Victor Chaidez says:

    stop being lazy and ride your bike to work.

  21. Cole Bear says:

    Great way to fix a derailment is to just GET RID OF YOUR COMPOUND BOW AND START BEING AN ARCHER. LONG/RECURVE. X)

  22. Vladimir Wolf says:

    Want to know an easy way to not have to deal with this kind of problem? DON’T GO COMPOUND! Recurve is what I shoot and i love the damn thing

  23. mwillh says:

    Thank you for this information. Being brand new this sport, It’s very good to know what not to do!!! Thanks again

  24. Rambosnake1973 says:

    the Buffalo , you can find it everywhere

    the hoyt “The Mission” Limited Edition Black bow…….its impossible

  25. ivorytickler94 says:

    Hoyt Buffalo, all black. jizz in ur pants

  26. Rambosnake1973 says:

    Rambo Hoyt Easton Limited Edition for ever

  27. Mynutsackonurdrumset says:


  28. Mateusz Grzechowiak says:


  29. MrWilliamJarrett says:

    This is why I use a recurve. It might take longer to shoot and take time to line up a shot, but at least i don’t have to pay for more than just the string if it breaks.

  30. WatchRyder says:

    & Longbow!


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