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How the journey began #archery

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Jack had placed me on stand as he was the one who had done what little scouting had been done. I could hear the birds darting in & out of the standing corn & the dew dripping off it’s leaves. It was about an hour after sunrise when I looked to my left & saw the Doe, looking my way, less that 20 yards. I started to draw my Bow just as she leaped into the field & started to trot. She was under 25 yards when my arrow zipped past her & she bolted into high gear. I watched her run the entire length of that field into the opposite timber. I walked out & to my surprise find my arrow buried into the ground. I walked back to my spot in the corn & my teeth start chattering & I start shaking. I missed 3 more shots that season. It was Illinois first EVER Deer Season, Oct., 1957 & I was 15 years old. I say I started Archery in 1956 as that is when I joined a club & bought my 1st real bow but I cannot remember not having some type home made arrow slinger. This Oct. will start my 62nd year of Archery & 60th of Biggame bowhunting. I have been on an awesome journey. I have been blessed with a ton of assorted Biggame DIY bowhunts in 15 states + 8 guided & experienced a wide variety of other things involving Archery/bowhunting. I enjoyed many years of competition in my younger years with some pretty good success & even contributed to the sport by holding local & state office’s regarding Archery organizations. I shared my love of archery for 18 years as a shop/lanes owner too (1964-1982). In 1958, Illinois second Deer season & opening weekend I arrowed my 1st Whitetail (a yearling Doe) with a wooden arrow I made myself & tipped with a MA3 blade. I’ve experienced so many changes (good & bad) over these many years. I have been fortunate to have met so many great people through archery & formed many friendships, true friendships. It’s not about who shot the highest score or the biggest rack, it’s the joy of the journey & those we share it with. If you enjoy your ride half us much as I have, you’ll be a happy camper. My longevity has allowed me to share Archery/Bowhunting with my Son, Daughter & 6 G-kids. I am truly blessed. Good luck to you if your a competitor & good luck on your quests this coming Deer season.. When did your journey begin?
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