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Hog Shot Placement #archery

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I am in the process of preparing for my first outfitted hunt in May. My father and I will be headed to TN to hunt hogs- we’ve never left Ohio to hunt. I’ve read as much as I can find online and watched as many youtube videos as I could and just want to make sure I’m thinking right for a hog killzone.

This post was inspired by WapitiTalk1′s Shoot or No Shot 2018 posts over on the Western Bowhunting Gallery; although much less detailed- thanks for the inspiration WapitiTalk1!

I am shooting a Hoyt Defiant 34 at 72# 28.5" DL with a 465 gr Gold Tip Pierce arrow with a magnus black hornet ser.

You guys and gals that have shot some hogs and are obviously much more knowledgeable than I, would you mind giving me some feedback on the following shot placements-I am super concerned about avoiding the shoulder-? Let’s assume all shots are between 20 and 25 yards from a spot and stalk approach. I know a quartering away shot is ideal but I couldn’t find too many available pics through the google machine ;)

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