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help with tuning / spine for Hoyt CST? #archery

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Hi all,

Longtime lurker, first time poster, thank you in advance for any help or advice you might have.

I don’t have a lot of tuning knowledge, especially when it comes to arrows, and I’m having a problem that just seems weird to me.
Either that, or I completely misunderstood Easton’s charts. Which, hey, sadly wouldn’t be all that strange for me 😉

Bow: Hoyt carbon spyder turbo, Z5 cams (number 3 I believe), 28 inch draw, 60 pounds give or take a few, Qad hdx rest (my first dropaway, I’m used to blades, but setup looks ok – it’s dropping, no vane contact that I can tell from smearing goop on em), centershot at around 6/8

Arrows, I’ve tried the following:

Easton 2317 XX75 Camo Hunter shaft cut to 29 inches 125 grain head
Easton Bloodline 330 spine, shaft cut to 29 inches 125 grain head
Easton FMJ 5mm 400 spine, cut to 28 inches 125 grain head

The strange thing (to me at least) is, paper tuning shows that it likes the FMJ but the Bloodline and 2317 are showing left tears – weak it seems. I’d actually have expected them to be stiffer, or at least fine for a 60 lbs bow? Am I wrong?
What could be causing this please? Just them being the 1 inch longer makes that much of a difference? I shot weaker spines than these 3 out of my previous 60 pounders with no real issues…

(Also, I’ve no internet at home right now so I’ll be checking in on this on my ancient flip phone thing but will not be able to respond til tomorrow – please take no offense if I respond slowly)

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