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Help Please! Problems regarding indoor triple vertical target #archery

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Hi everyone,

First of all, please let me introduce myself. My name is Chris and I live in New Zealand. I shoot both recurve and compound. For compound, I am mainly interested in hunting whereas for recurve I would like to be more competitive in the near future. So I have recently geared up my equipment and learned a lot of new techniques such as using a clicker. I have been shooting a recurve bow for about 1 year, and as I mentioned, before I wasn’t too serious about it, but now I am more into it. At the moment I practice about 2 to 3 times a week and each session last about 2 to 3 hours mainly indoor at 18m as the indoor club is 24/7. In other words, I probably shoot about 150 to 200 arrows per session and that’s about 400 to 600 arrows (usually between 500) per week. Not a lot but that’s the best I can manage as far as archery and work balance is concerned.

Anyways, that was about myself. Now, I have been practicing indoor at 18m a lot lately (recurve), and I have been epxereniceing something very frustrating and unexplainable. Here is my issue, when I shoot a single target face (60cm standard for indoor competition), most arrows land in red with occasional gold and blue (rarely goes to other colours), my average score of 60 arrows is above 7 (I know its crap lol, but please don’t judge since I am still learning and practicing hard to get better). However, when it comes to the triple vertical target my score drops significantly without an obvious reason. What happens is that when I shoot the middle target face, most of the time the arrows land normally as if I was shooting a single face, however, when it comes to the top or bottom targets, sometimes the arrow miss the targets and even when the arrows do hit the targets most of the time they are either in red or blue, rarely hitting the gold.

So I did some experiment and research on this strange phenomenon myself, and I found out something really interesting. So when I shoot 1 arrow to each of the three spots especially for the bottom or top one, sometimes I miss the target, otherwise the arrows most of the time land in red or blue… as I mentioned. However, when I shoot 6 arrows to either the top or bottom spot in an isolation (like as if shooting a single target face) maybe only the first arrow goes bad, the rest usually have high possiblilty to land properly on the targets in red or gold rather than missing the targets or hitting the blue ring…that’s what I mean by as if I was shooting a single target face… But then when I go back to shooting the 3 spots with 1 arrow each… the score drops again with occasional misses… (I think every 10 arrows there has to be at least one miss… agian usually either when I try to shoot the top or the bottom one…don’t have any specific problem with the middle one…)

Clearly, when I shoot the single target face, I am improving noticeably as the time goes on. But, with this triple vertical target, I can’t seem to find where my problems are. Can any experienced recurve archer provide some possible explanations and solutions to my problem, please. Thank you so much!

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