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Help my age this deer #archery

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Usually I don’t have an issue doing this but this guys rack doesn’t fit what the body tells me and what I know. He has much smaller body than other deer in the area and never has had much of a swollen neck either.

I believe I have/had this guy on camera for 3 years. First year… I left the camera up with the original SD card that had pictures of him and then the place burned down so don’t have the pictures for that year.

2016. Small/similar body to 2017/2018. Rack was hard to tell what he was as he was broken but similar beams to 2016. Had longer G2’s, a busted G3 on one side and at least 1 broken point on the other. Going off memory but at least 90% sure it was the same deer as it had very similar beam mass, shape and width. Only deer in the area with these wide sweeping beams.

2017. Maybe gained a point? Hard tell because he was busted previous year. There was a really bad draught the 2016-2017 winter and then the whole region burned spring of 2017 so he probably didn’t have great forage.

2018. Gained more points. Body about the same so far but a touch better. Lots of rain and good forage this year. Comparing him to the feeder head puts him at about 24.5" outside width. Feeder from bottom to where it meets the PVC is 24" and measuring him and comparing put him slightly wider than 24". Camera about 7 yards away so it should negate any perspective angle illusions.

Now going over it, he had to be a minimum of 2.5 in 2016. I personally guessed him at 3.5 in 2016 based on pictures. Using 2.5/3.5 puts him a minimum 5.5/6.5 this year.

Here’s what gets me. I see his pictures this year and keep thinking that’s a 3.5 or possibly a 2.5 with great genetics but I don’t see 5.5 or 6.5. He is much smaller bodied than other 3.5 to 4.5 deer around. What do you guys see?

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