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Help Me Build My First Non-Hunting Setup #archery

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I’ve loved archery for a long time, and I figure after 30 years I’ll actually branch out from practice and hunting to punch some paper and foam. In that vein I just ordered my first more "targetish" and first non-Mathews bow in 20 years…. a Bowtech Reckoning. I’m going to see if I can find a spot league for this winter to try my hand at indoor, which I’ve never done before. I shot a lot of 3d in high school, but as a traditional shooter. I’ve shot some random ones since, but nothing consistent and just used my primary hunting bow. I am really wanting to make it a regular thing now, and want to build a bow tailored more to that.

I’ve got a rest picked out, Hamskea Trinity Pro… have the hybrid hunter on my Vertix and love it.

For a peep was going to go with the 1/4 Specialty archery peep with several apertures.

I’m unsure of stabilizers, for ASA I’ll be shooting bow novice so a tad limited there. However, I would like to shoot some spots this winter…. so kinda torn on where to start.

Then the sight… torn here also. I’m considering: Spot Hogg Hogg Father, Axcel Accutouch, and CBE Vertex.

The SH is tough as nails doubles as durable enough for hunting, can accommodate multiple scopes, and has the ability to click between marks (micro elevation). The Axcel accepts multiple scopes, also tough, but doesn’t have clicks for micro elevation adjustments. The Vertex is a pure target sight, but also more expensive up front, and I’d probably never haul it hunting in a pinch.

I like my SH, but they are heavy, and I’m building this bow for long bomb shooting… and that weight extended out and high on the riser seems less than ideal, and there the Axcel has the advantage. What the Axcel lacks… is the ability to do clicks of elevation.

… for release, just sticking with what I shoot now, Carter Evolution +…

So for those of you that have done the above activities for a while, any thoughts on the gear I’m contemplating or have suggestions for anything I may not have considered?

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