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HELP!!! Lol Hoyt Carbon RX1 or Carbon Defiant or Mathews Vertix #archery

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Ok here’s my situation. I’m looking at these 3 bows. I like things about all 3 However one really stood out after 40 shots through each. I shot all 3 set to my specs. 29” 60 pounds. The shop set them up with a whisker biscuit rest a D-loop and nothing else. Without sight, kisser or peep all three I was able to group arrows well and even slap vanes on some by looking down arrow and putting on target. So here we go.
The Vertix
dead in hand after shot, very quite, smooth as silk draw and comfortable valley with solid back wall and decent grip. Upon reaching FD I have to bring it to the target point and level it up with grip wrist and hand, heavy! After 20 shots I was noticing the weight. Wider and bulkier than both the other bows.

Carbon RX1
Small amount of kick out and up after shot release, quite, draw is a little choppy drops hard into a short valley hits hard into stops, wants to launch feel at full draw with any forward movement, grip nice as nice as Vertix, light enough to shoot all day. Acquires target fast like as soon as you draw back it’s settled level and ready to go. I felt like I could sling arrows at target twice as fast as Vertix. Draw cycle definitely not as comfortable as Vertix
Carbon Defiant
Small kick out and up after shot, very quite, draws very smooth very close to Vertix, comfortable valley without ready to go feeling and cushioned into back wall, grip hands down for me the nicest most comfortable grip Iv ever touched, light enough to shoot all day and night, acquires target settles and ready to go at FD but just not as fast as RX1 but faster than Vertix.
My problem? Which to choose? The Vertix and RX1 are still in production the Defiant is not. The only Defiant the shop by me has or can get is in buckskin. Also the Vertix and RX1 are newer with newer technologies made into them. The Defiant is grip centered the RX1 is arrow centered. Not sure which is better for accuracy. As for comfort I feel the Defiant is a mix of the Vertix and RX1. HELP!!!

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