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Head-On Collision…Prayers requested… #archery

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January 5th I was driving my 3 kids and two dogs when someone crossed all the way over into our lane with no headlight gets and hit us Head-On.

I broke my femur and suffered a Hernia, my little boy (12) broke his wrist, and both my daughters (10) suffered extensive bruising and seat belt rash. One of our dogs that belongs to my little girl has been on the run ever since the accident and although there has been over 60 sightings she runs away every time someone gets close to her so she’s still missing.

I was driving a 2008 Ford Expedition and feel confident it saved the lives of my kids. I was pinned in the vehicle and had to be cut out with the jaws of life.

The Expedition was paid off but was a total loss.

It took 3 ambulances to get me and my kids to two separate hospitals where they spent 24 hours and I spent 4 days. I don’t have medical insurance and only had liability (w/ under ins. and no ins); so I talked my way out of the hospital a few days early to cut costs.

I was in and out of consciousness at the accident and will never forget the other drivers screams every time I came around. They blocked off the interstate and called in a helicopter for the other driver who died before they got him in the helicopter.

Come to find out the guy had no license, and the car he was driving was uninsured.

I grew up racing dirt bikes and have more hardware and broken broken bones in this old body than you would believe and thought I could take just about any pain. Let me tell you I have never experienced anything close to this. The pain is constant and excruciating and although the meds are pretty good at turning my brain to mush they barely touch the pain.

Until recently I could barely tolerate sitting on the toilet and wiping my own but was just out of the question. It is a humiating and embarrassing place to be and just serves to further break me down. In the last few days I can lay on either side (with a pillow between my legs) and can now get in and out of bed by myself. I have to use a walker or wheelchair to get around. Most importantly I can sit on the toilet and even wipe my own but now (taking my victories where a I can).

My wife went to get our stuff out of the car at the tow company and brought my bow home. It is destroyed and literally looks like a truck drove over it. Find my post in the classifieds to see what it looked like before the accident. I don’t rifle hunt for deer at all usually and even use the bow during turkey season half the time.

2 days ago was my first doctor’s appointment to look at and set up a surgery for the Hernia. A friend was kind enough to drive me the hour and a half to the appointment but when we got there they sent me home because I couldn’t pay for the visit (I assumed they would bill me and let insurance pay for it).

The great news is that when I got home there was a bill in the mailbox for $ 191,789.82 waiting for me. That is only one bill we have close to $ 20,000 in other bills that have already showed up.

The main thing is that my kids weren’t killed. I do see God working hard on us but will have to admit that I am beaten and broken.

Please say a prayer for us…we sure need them.

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