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Having String length Discrepancy, who is a string Guru? #archery

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Ordered some custom colored strings from 60x. 2 sets. Look great, service was fast and easy to deal with. I am having a string length discrepancy that I am sure one of the guru’s on here could put my mind at ease. Strings are for a Bear Carnage which is single cam. Online shows lengths to be:

String: 92 3/16
Cable: 33 9/16

I requested these length’s for this bow OR if these lengths were incorrect, use spec lengths for 2011 Bear Carnage. Now the ones I removed are a bit longer than spec. Heck, could be original, who knows. They measure:

String: 92 6/16 (+3/16 over spec)
Cable: 33 12/16 (+3/16 over spec)

Not concerned with those as they are older and being longer than spec is kinda expected.

When I went to install these after removing the older ones I had to crank the limbs quite a bit more to even have a chance at stringing the bow. So I went and measured all the new strings. Came up with:

String: 91 10/16 (-9/16 under spec)
Cable: 33 4/16 (-5/16 under spec)

I measured these very closely using a nail and pulling them quite tight. The new strings only have a couple twists so there is no excessive twisting going on. Probably had a little less twist than old strings.

Notes with new strings:
1. Bow gained at least 5 lbs in draw weight. Was about 66 lbs. Definately over 70 now and the limbs are not close to cranked down. Probably get at least 75+ lbs out of the bow if I turned the bolts all the way in. Limb bolts turned all in when I got it new, it was closer to 70-72. Has 60-70 lb limbs.
2. Cam is rotated identical as prior.. I have 3 of these exact model bows so easy to compare.
3. Now the string being twice as long as cable works because it run the length between cams twice so it seems geometry and timing should be ok.
4. I ordered 2 sets. Both sets measure identical
5. Axle to Axle was 32 1/8" prior. Now it is 31 13/16" I measured this and other dimensions so I knew where to set my peep sight in relation to my nocking point. Figured it would save some guess work.

I really would rather NOT send them in and all that hassle. Bit of a time pinch as I need to redo this bow and a second bow 100% done by middle next week. I have not contacted 60x yet because I just switched the strings 30 mins ago and its late. Goal was to set new strings up and peep tonight and go to shorting range and paper tune tomorrow.

So in short, turn down the poundage accordingly and just go with it or is something going to give me issues?

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