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“Fast Limbs VS Powerful Limbs” (is there a difference?)

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Gentlefolk…this particular topic/thought fell (actually more like "came crashing down" LOL!) upon my oh so abstract mind as I gazed at my new-to-me 1975 Herters recurve….smugly taking in the extreme curvature of it’s heavily bowed and hooked limbs…as by comparison makes my Bear look like Twiggy as there sits Marylyn Monroe….loaded with static tension as just the act of plucking the string to hear the high pitched note it makes produces a smile upon my face…with the 14 strand Flemish string sounding more like taunt fast flight rather than the B50 Dacron it is….as I attempt to decide which hunting arrow to commit too…which at this point I know will either be my .600 spine 29" long beman classics w/ 100gr stingers tipping the scales at 365grs or?…my 30" long .500 spine GT3555’s tipped w/ 175gr Simmons TigerSharks tipping the scales at 435grs…and I’m almost certain I’ll choose the latter but….

In this thought process…and since I don’t currently have access to a chronograph?….my mind begged the question…

I wonder if some bows were designed with an emphasis on power rather than speed….IOW’s?…are there some "fast limb designs" that will whip out a 350gr arrow like nobodies business yet dramatically bog down when nocked up with a 500grainer?….while conversely there may be some "powerful limb designs" that might not whip out a lightweight arrow quite as fast yet exhibit very little differential in nocking up a heavy weight arrow?

To my understanding?….I believe this falls under the realm of a bows "Stored Energy"…which by the sound of things this Herters has gobs of…and would secure my decision making as described above.

T.I.A. and L8R, Bill. :cool2:

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