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Evolve 35 vs Traverse: worth the upgrade? #archery

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I’m looking for some opinions from those who may have owned or at least spent time setting up both. The Evolve 35 has been the best bow I’ve ever owned and the pros of that bow are well discussed in the forum already, but I have a few minor issues that still bug me. I’ve shot the Traverse with just a WB rest on multiple occasions, but there are some things that cannot be evaluated in that short test. Let me know if/how the following issues are/are not addressed with the Traverse (in no particular order):

1. Finish – the camo dipping on the PSE’s prior to Kolorfusion seem to flake off as soon as pressure is applied. I was spoiled with my Elite’s prior to this.

2. Grip pressure / Bareshaft tuning – this Evolve seems extremely sensitive to hand placement on the grip. A 1" nock right tear at 7 yards turns to 1" nock left just by positioning my hand about 1/16" further left on the grip.

3. Balance and shot stability with sight and rest. I’m having to run quite a bit of back bar weight to keep the bow from canting hard CW at the shot and therefore have to run more weight up front to keep it from tilting back on the shot. No big deal on a 3D course, but a 7+ pound hunting rig isn’t ideal.

4. Noise / vibration: no real feedback needed on this one since I was able to do a side by side comparison with a ~500gr arrow. I just wanted to note a major difference. My loaded Evolve 35 is noticeably louder and has significantly more vibration and feedback than the bare Traverse (with WB).

Also, please note any cons of the Traverse or where it might actually be worse than 1-3 above.

TIA for your time and input.

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