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E-Z-V Sight difference #archery

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"Archery" and "Bowhunting" are very different sports…Most every "archer" I know can stand in their yard and pound golf ball size groups in their deer targets AT 20Yds! Some shoot tiny groups at long ranges, 50,60yds and beyond BUT, if they have spent time hunting, they ALL have COMPLETELY missed animals in bowhunting situations…WHY? 93% of shots gone bad are distance judging related. Try randomly walking around your yard, pull up and shoot! $ 500 sights cant do what the E-Z-V Sight does…it will get you within 5% of the distance, 2yds at 40. That is a double lung, ten ring, ethical kill shot EVERYTIME! Don’t MISS an opportunity THIS year! E-Z-V Sight is the computer to the typewriter! We won’t build anything to make bowhunting easier, reduce the magical challenge is offers BUT, nearly everyone will guess and shoot…The E-Z-V Sight makes us BETTER bowhunters!

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Discount Prices on Archery Supplies on Amazon.com


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