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DIY Reactive 3D Targets for cheap

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I know that I drink WAAAAY too much coffee… 🙂 But it keeps me awake to think of stuff like this:005.JPG001.JPG002.JPG004.JPG
You can use coffee or sugar plastic cans, disinfectant wipe or whatever container you like… Poke a couple of holes in the side of the can, run a little paracord thru and tie it in a loop. Stuff an old T shirt or 2 in the can and pack it down tight. Pop the lid back on and hang it up… You can tape the top on with duct tape or Electrical. But it’s not necessary.
Arrows will most likely go thru both sides of the can. But they transfer plenty of energy if they are hung and free swinging and you shouldn’t get to the fletching. You need 2 hands to get your arrow out because you have to hold the can. But they come out easy enough.
I tried spray foam and great stuff in them. But they don’t do any better with either and can be sticky/messy on the arrows.
We shoot 45-55 longbows and recurves at them and they loads are fun… Get one swinging for a moving target. I shoot my compounds at them from different distances and yardages.
The only thing that I do NOT recommend is using any of the cheaper ALUMINUM arrows like gamegetters and fall stalkers. They will bend on impact just from the momentum and sudden deceleration…
The added pic of the "robin hood" was just in the same folder so I left the pics. It was done by one of my nephew’s friends with a 45# samick sage during our "Tuesday morning trad achery camp"…
Have fun with these
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