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Compound Men Gold – Antalya – Archery World Cup 2013

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Compound Men Gold Match from the second stage of the Archery World Cup 2013 in Antalya (TUR) Georg DOLLINGER (AUT) vs Patrick LAURSEN (DEN) Commentators : Ca…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Recurve Women Team Gold Match from the second stage of the Archery World Cup 2013 in Antalya (TUR) YUN Ok Hee (KOR) VS CUI Yuanyuan (CHN) Commentators : Carl…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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13 Responses to “Compound Men Gold – Antalya – Archery World Cup 2013”

  1. hardcorepaintballa says:

    Wait a minute… Braidin touched Martin sexually?

  2. Erica Garcia says:

    I got you, I just though he was updating, he does that sometime unless he’s super focused. I’m not sure lol but either way Martin didn’t seem to notice, he still shot amazing!. The other videos of them shooting against eachother are really awesome!(:

  3. alexzolder says:

    I did not like when Braden when he pulled out the phone pretending to play, it does not seem respectful to the opponent.

  4. Erica Garcia says:

    You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. Martin and Braden are GREAT friends and competitors. Braden’s bow broke and Martin let him use his backup bow. He was trying to laugh off the fact that he knew he wasn’t going to win and was trying not to be so hard on himself. Did you see the hand shake after the first round? Respect!

  5. DragonwareStudios says:

    AUS is for Australia, while it should be AUT for Austria… check the description.

  6. Fogel1251 says:

    Wtf is reo wilde…he always is in the finales :s

  7. kcarsonsChannel says:

    Did I saw Erika Anear again?~!

  8. alexzolder says:

    Braden could strive to do to take the game more seriously, it is a lack of respect addressed to the opponent!

  9. Geoff k says:

    wow is that bow from the future what do you think our ancestors would say about these bows.

  10. azuresun13 says:

    The match is 12 minutes. Too short to get bored. It would be interesting if broadcasters gave viewers the option to listen to commentary or listen to the sounds of the playing field. I would like to hear the sound of those arrows.
    Good Job Yuan yuan! Korean Lady folds under the pressure…
    Where are you Ki Bo Bae T.T

  11. popesnose says:

    “At least they try to make the archery (bit boring sport) as interesting as possible.”
    That is an ignorant statement and I don’t believe you would really know if the archers can hear the commentary or not.
    If you think archery is a boring sport go watch something else. What will be next, letting the archers fist fight for your amusement? A penalty box for the archers? 

  12. vnjabee says:

    Maybe a matter of taste but I find the commentary very good. At least they try to make the archery (bit boring sport) as interesting as possible. Of courese these are the comments for TV and archers hear only the commentary you hear in background calling for shots and so.

  13. TheGaber313 says:

    I really like these matches, they arecall so tight 😀


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