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bareshaft tuning… keep tweaking or call it good? #archery

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Alright first off my setup:

Mathews TX-5, if your not familiar with this bow, it’s basically a Triax on Crack. 28" ATA, 5" brace, the IBO is based on a 29" draw at 345, but it was a few FPS faster than my PSE expedite (IBO 352 with 90% mods) with same specs/ arrows so I usually put 355 into the calculators.

60# limbs maxed out to 61.6#
27" mods, actual draw is probably closer to 27.25"

Shooting Easton Axis with the full camo wrap and blazers 11.4 gr/in

300 spine
28" long
100 gr. Ethics Archery Inserts
125gr. Field point
total arrow weight 575
16%+ FOC
calculated at about 250 fps.

at 20 yards, bareshafts are impacting maybe an inch high, slight nock low position, many times when shooting yesterday the bareshaft landed inside of a group of 2-3 arrows at 20.

at 30 yards, bareshafts are impacting about 5" high with a nock low position.

My rest is about bottomed out in it’s adjustment (straight through berger hole), nock is about 1/16" high. I did try moving the rest up and it exaggerated the bareshaft misses, so the bow is responding appropriately.

This bow/ setup is going to be a hunting rig mostly shot at ranges 20-25 yards, never over 30 on a critter. I do practice out to 50 or 60 just for giggles.

Would you start twisting cables/ moving the nock point around? or would you leave well enough alone?

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