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Back after a few years of no bow practice.. #archery

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Ok guys, So after a few years of no bow practice, no archery at all in my system, I am interested in getting back into it.. I went from starting out with a Pse Stinger 3g, to a Pse Stinger x, to a G5 Prime Ion 60 lb, then ended my archery sport with a customized G5 Prime rival.. At the end of my experience in the past I did however push myself too far and cranked down the poundage on my prime rival to see how I could do but over did myself and I injured my shoulder causing me to get out of the sport due and needing the money and having to sell all my stuff.. so im looking at getting back on the horse slowly.. Its been 3 years now and I think im ready, but im afraid my shoulder pain might come back. so I’ve decided to get another Pse Stinger x and start shooting again slowly..I didn’t really want to spend all kinds of loot on a expensive setup so this is what I have to work with for now.. I guess the reason for this post is to see if there’s anything im missing as far as starting back out after being off the horse for a while with injury and all.. When I was shooting before I was happy at around 55-62 lbs for target shooting, while sometimes I would try to crank it up to 70 lbs and im not sure if it was the poundage that hurt me or if it was because I was trying too hard to be a good shooter that I would shoot for hours at a time spending most my time shooting on my free time. I have been out of the sport a while, and looks like there’s been a lot of new stuff coming out.. starting out with the Use Stinger X is just to see how it feels. it was a cheap setup that was handed to me, so I do plan on eventually getting another decent shooter .. can anyone recommend any techniques that will help me get my form back? how long before I will be shooting good again? Will this be any easy come back? Or will my shoulder pain come back?? I really need a new hobby and I loved to shoot when I did. any help would be great!! thanks in advance!!
My setup as of now..
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