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Another public land, Georgia, 9 point!

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Saturday morning found me in the woods with bucks running around. Early rut? Or something else? Normally don’t see this activity until just after Christmas! I was able to grunt in an 8 point. He stopped at 40 yards, i settled the pin and squeezed the trigger. The trigger falls back, but the jaws don’t open. Stuck at full draw with a disengaged trigger. Ending that day on a sour note. Told myself to come try again tomorrow.

Sunday morning rolls around and i reluctantly roll out of bed. I make the 2 or so mile drive to the park up the road. I get out of the truck and get my gear together and start my 1.1 mile trek to that spot. I get 200 yards from there and i see a boat. I finally spot the guy in the woods from afar. He is probably in the tree i was leaned against the day before!

So, i make a sharp right turn and go in the woods. Bump a deer so i look for a place to set up. Found a nice pine tree with plenty of cover around it. I set up and start grunting. I hear a deer immediately, i look up the ridge and spot a small buck paralleling me. No clue if he was popping out for the call or what.

Flash forward to around 9:50, my back is aching and i’m ready to head home. I decide to do one more calling sequence. I hear some rustling ahead of me on top of the hill. I look up and see a nice body. Through my binoculars up and immediately knew he was a shooter. He was coming dead at me. Started to veer to my left. (Perfect for how i set up) he is on a mission and come by at 20 yards. After grunting twice and him not stopping, i let him have it anyways.

He trots 5 yards and stops and stares right at me for 10 to 15 seconds. Turns to his right (away from me) and makes it another 5 yards before crashing.

I pull him out of the woods down to the lake shore. I grab my knife and it sounded like foot steps behind me on the other side of the cover. 50 yards. I look around and a doe pops out. I watch he feed around for 3 minutes. Then i swear i hear grunting behind her. Then out blows this tall tight 2 year old 8 point! He looks dead at me and runs back in! I have it on video. Will find some way to upload it.

Well, now remember, i’m over a mile from the truck… i didn’t think ahead of time. I just killed the biggest bodied deer of my life. Luckily, in getting setup earlier, i made my way closer to that guy somehow. He said i was so close, he heard the arrow hit the deer!

Great guy, gave me a boat ride with my deer all the back to the truck! Chad Powell, if you read this, you have no idea how much i appreciate the help!


Shot him at that black log just to the right of my bow.

Sorry for any misspells, or typos!

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