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Aluminum Nock Recommendation #archery

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Hey all,

I’m looking for some recommendations for nocks. I shoot an 80 pound 30.5" draw Obsession M7 (2016) with Hogwire strings and I’m primarily a hunter. When testing the bow in the shop initially, I put a Nocturnal in my 250 shaft 596 gr Zelor arrow and after about 7 shots it detonated the nock. Thankfully, no one was hurt. I put some aluminum Victory nocks in there (it’s what the shop had) but over time I’ve developed a lot of nock slip. Like arrows falling off of the strings on the draw, or if the bow is tilted in the bow holder in the stand. I believe the nocks just don’t seems to have a tight enough valley now that there is some wear on the serving at the D-loop. I’m looking for any recommendations for aluminum nocks since the Victory nocks don’t seem to be cutting it, at least not consistently.



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