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Adios amigos, and best wishes (especially to my clientele) #archery

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It’s that time. Believe it or not, it will get there for you as well. I’ll be 77 next month, am a cancer survivor with a recent Pacemaker implant, and have two bad shoulders (one surgically repaired, the other perhaps soon to be so).

After multiple steroid and cortisone shots, arthroscopic surgery, and physical therapy – all designed to get me back into some semblance of shooting form – it’s obvious that it’s just not going to work out as hoped for. I can no longer even pull a peak weight of 55# – that’s my 70# rated compound racheted all the way down. Not really sure what I can pull other than my 36# target recurve, but even that is impossible to hold steady enough right now to get a good sight picture before needing to release the arrow. (A sure road to target panic!)

Long story short, I’m basically done. But I had some 63 years in organized archery with a few victories along the way, and have had fun (and some success) hunting several Western States over those years. So shed no tears for me – it’s been a good ride.

As to my little Internet biz for the target panic afflicted, Ultimate Archery Solution, I am as of today doing no more message board or search engine advertising. The generic messages will still be available, and all new orders will be filled (and at no charge for any existing clientele who might’ve changed their shooting style and want a different message). But I will be traveling more, and not so available to those needing help. Anyway, there are lots more places to get that help than there were when I began with that enterprise almost a decade ago.

AT is a good place to get archery advice; just remember that not all of it is good. Try stuff out for yourself, ask your buddies what they think, and cautiously move forward. The one thing I believe would be good for all the younger fellas to remember, is to take it easy on those shoulders. Today’s 50# compound is a better, more powerful weapon than the 70# bow of an earlier era (trust me, I’ve been there, done that).

Enjoy the ride! It will end all too soon.

Below is the hog I killed the night after I found out I had cancer. I called him my "reciprocity" hog. Guessing even the hogs know I’m hanging ’em up – we haven’t seen a sounder on the property so far this year.

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