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A couple newbie questions

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I have a Hoyt Dorado, and am new to “stick” bows. I have looked around but couldn’t fine quite the answers I was looking for, so here goes. The limbs are 45#, but when I pull to my anchor point I get closer to 50#. So from what I understand can use carbons with this bow, because it has reinforced limb tips. But I also read through a couple posts saying that regular carbon arrows are too light, and a recurve cannot really apply its energy as efficiently as maybe an aluminum arrow weighing closer to ten grains per inch. In addition because of this it will tune well, with carbons? I am setting this bow up basely like an Olympic recurve with a sight, flipper rest, and plunger. With that in mind I would like to have the lightest arrow that would tune well, and not hurt the bow for the flattest trajectory. Also does the typical 5grains per pound apply to this bow? I have some Gold tip 5575, cut to 28” that I would love to shoot, if they will fly. I have either 100 or 125 grain field tips. Any arrow suggestions? I like aluminums and carbons equally well, but have fletchers for carbon, so it wouldn’t hurt my feelings to stick with carbon.

Also it currently has a Flemish string, but I have an endless loop string for Indian “Deerslayer” also 55”I would like to try on the Hoyt, but don’t remember what the material is. The archery guys at Gander Mountain set me up with its so I assume its Stone Mountain, maybe D-50? Basically because its fast flight compatible can I use any string, any material? Any pro or cons or either design, and maybe with a difference involving arrow materials?

I have to say I love this bow. I have a Hoyt Turbohawk, and it’s so nice not to have to worry about a release, or a D-loop, or peep sight to tie in, or if my bow is in time. Just the simple elegance of a recurve bow. I may not ever go back to “wheelies” again. The recuvre does the same job, but with a lot less complexly and headaches. Thanks in advance for answering my questions guys.

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