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80ft lb of K.E. out of an easy drawing, large valley, 63lb bow….Yes Please #archery

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I like a lot of bows, a whole lot of bows, but the SR6 is somethings special for sure. At 29.5in draw and at 63lb this thing is shooting a 463 grain arrow just over 280fps. At 63lb it is crazy easy to draw (ok, so are all bows) but it is also pretty dang quiet and the holding weight is next to nothing. I am guesstimating it is about 87-88% letoff.

The bow holds well and while there is a bit of stacking on the last inch or two of draw at that draw weight it is really doesn’t matter at all. This bow really does deserve to be bow of the year.

Wish I would of stuck with the MO roots color instead of black, but really hard to find much to complain about with this bow.

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